What should you take on a trip to Egypt?

For a trip to Egypt, it’s advisable to bring lightweight sun-protective clothing, a hat or headscarf, sunscreen with UV protection, bottled water, pain relievers and fever reducers, remedies for stomach issues, a camera or a phone with a good camera, moisturizer, sunglasses, a guidebook about Egypt, a map, a phone or camera with ample memory cards to capture unforgettable moments, and comfortable walking shoes suitable for various terrains.

What is a VIP trip to Egypt?

A VIP trip to Egypt offers an exclusive and luxurious way to explore this fascinating country, delving into its rich history, culture, and heritage. During such a trip, travelers have the opportunity to enjoy high-quality services and amenities that make the journey unforgettable. So, what does this exclusive adventure entail? Firstly, a VIP trip to Egypt often includes a private guide or guides who possess extensive knowledge about the places visited on the itinerary. These guides can tailor the route to the interests and needs of the group, providing a deeper understanding of Egypt’s culture and history. Secondly, a VIP journey often provides access to exclusive locations, such as private museums, closed to regular tourists. This may include private tours of ancient monuments like the Pyramids of Giza or the Karnak Temple in Luxor, without the crowds of tourists.

What should you take on a trip to Egypt?

During a trip to Egypt, it’s important to take care of a few essential items. You’ll definitely need clothing suitable for warm conditions, such as lightweight and breathable clothes, a hat or headscarf for sun protection, and comfortable shoes for long walks, especially if you plan to explore ancient monuments. Don’t forget sunscreen with UV protection to shield your skin from strong sunlight. It’s also important to bring pain relievers, fever reducers, mosquito repellents, and medications for any potential stomach issues. You’ll also need sunglasses, a camera or phone to capture beautiful sights, travel documents, and local currency. Additionally, remember to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during exploration, especially in Egypt’s hot climate.


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