Archaeological tour in 7 days

Archaeological tours to Egypt are extremely popular among history, culture and art enthusiasts. Within 7 days you can visit many places that will introduce you to the fascinating history of ancient Egypt.

First, second and third day of sightseeing

The first day usually starts in Cairo, which is usually the starting point of such a trip. Archeological trip to Egypt you can see many historical places, including the Egyptian Museum, where the most important monuments from the pharaonic period are located. You can admire here the famous Mask of Tutankhamun, mummies of the pharaohs and other artifacts. On the second day, the trip usually moves to the Giza area to see the most famous monuments of Egypt – the pyramids. These huge stone constructions are the symbol of the country and one of the greatest architectural achievements in history. Except the pyramids, another must see is the Sphinx, whose face represents the pharaoh. The third day is usually dedicated to visiting the Valley of the Kings, where the tombs of many pharaohs are located, including Tutankhamun. In this very place the most ancient monuments in Egypt have been discovered and some tombs have preserved their paintings and hieroglyphs intact.

Last days of visiting

The fourth day is usually a visit to Luxor, a city that was important center during the time of pharaohs. Here you have to see Karnak, one of the largest complexes of temples in Egypt, as well as the Luxor Temple, which features unusual reliefs and hieroglyphs. The fifth and sixth days are usually dedicated to exploring Aswan and the surrounding area. In Aswan you should see the Temple of Philae, one of the few temples that was not flooded by the Aswan Dam. You can also see Kitchener’s Island, which has one of the most beautiful gardens in Egypt. The last day is usually spent in Cairo to revisit the Egyptian Museum or other places you liked during the trip. Archaeological tours to Egypt in 7 days consist of intense sightseeing, but it is worth the effort to see the extraordinary monuments and learn about the country’s fascinating history.

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